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Tool Room

Reputed to be one of the best. Our tool room is equipped with sophisticated design department and CNC machines.
The design department (CAD) is equipped with AUTOCAD 2015 software for drafting and PRO-E Creo 3.0 software package for modelling ported on workstations.
Data transfer is handled via E-mail to workstations with IGES and STEP interface.
The computer aided manufacturing facility Consisting of PRO-E manufacturing package and FF/CAM package manned by well-trained and experienced professionals utilizes 3D models of our CAD for the in house CNC machines.

Deccan Group has spread over with divisions, namely

Die Casting Division

Tool Room Division

Machining Division

Sumuka Industries

Our Solutions

Deccan Die Castings Pvt Ltd is your full-service partner of designing and developing pressure die casting dies for complex parts and manufacture of components utilizing up-front engineering support, superior customer services, and state of the art process control techniques .
Provides solution from Product Design, Mold Design & Manufacturing and Production of parts to secondary processing; from idea to product, Deccan is a good answer in Bangalore.

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